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A Renowned LASIK Eye Surgeon Brings Innovative Vision Correction to Passaic, NJ

Good news for the residents of Passaic, New Jersey! Renowned LASIK Eye Surgeon Dr. Dello Russo is now opening a new practice in Passaic, New Jersey.

Bergenfield, New Jersey Jul 8, 2024 ( – Good news for the residents of Passaic, New Jersey! Renowned LASIK Eye Surgeon Dr. Dello Russo is now opening a new practice in Passaic, New Jersey. With great leadership skills and a strong focus on patient care, he is sure to revolutionize the vision of many in the community.

LASIK is a revolutionary eye surgery technique that treats basic refractory disorders involving nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. It works by slightly altering the contours of the cornea so that the light entering the eye can focus properly on the retina, hence providing clear vision. The surgeon employs modern tools and approaches in treatment so that his patients receive the best service.

Dr. Dello Russo’s new practice offers a wide range of eye care services beyond LASIK. These are general eye checks, cataract operations, and management of several eye diseases. In this way, he can provide all the necessary services in ophthalmology, while providing each client with the most suitable treatment.

Another area that sets Dr. Russo apart is his focus on patient education. He strongly supports the idea that patients are capable of making their own decisions about their eyes. In the case of consultations, he spends considerable time talking about the LASIK process, questions, and concerns. Due to this transparent and patient-centered approach, he has gained a good reputation among the people and is regarded as highly ethical.

Patients who choose Dr. Dello Russo- a renowned LASIK Eye Surgeon in Passaic, New Jersey, for their LASIK surgery can expect a smooth and seamless experience from start to finish. Throughout the entire process, starting with the consultation process and ending with the aftercare, he and his professional team are always there to assist patients. Their objective is to make sure that all their patients get the best results, gain better vision, and have improved quality of life.

For further details or to make an appointment, kindly visit the New Jersey Eye Center Or call (201) 374-8900 today.

Don’t miss the chance to experience the life-changing benefits of LASIK with renowned Passaic’s premier eye surgeon, Dr Dello Russo.

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