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Adaptive clothes- new and improved GoGetFunding Crowd Funding Exposure Campaign

I am a mom to a special needs child who is completely bedridden. She is difficult to dress as she does not move on her own and she can be very rigid at times. I have designed a clothing line (shirts, camisoles, sweaters, dresses, shorts, pants, underclothes, PJ’s- etc) that you can dress her in by simply rolling her to her side, laying the clothing down, rolling her onto her back and snapping or velcroing it together! She is completely dressed or undressed in one roll!

Imagine how many people will be less sore, less agitated with quick dressing. How many incontinent people will appreciate not having to take a soiled shirt off over their head. These designs open a door for the elderly and disabled to have a simple, versatile and fashionable wardrobe that isn’t going to break their bank. The caregivers will also benefit as it will be less demanding, physically, to dress a lot of the individuals!


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