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Hello and Welcome to my page.

My name is Alexandra Holovitz. I’m a Hungarian girl, with a strong desire to explore the world, connect and inspire people around the globe to follow their passions and dreams in life.

I was born and raised in a small eastern European country, called Hungary. Where I grew up, most people never dare to dream of taking a year off for travelling/volunteering. Despite the fact, my passionate for travelling was evident ever since I can recall my conscious. I was five when I told my Mum that I’m going to travel around the world and help others in need.

Fast forward a few years; my dream seems to become a reality as per today I have visited 83 countries and have been a volunteer in several places. (31 more on my travel bucket list!)

My goal is to travel and have a positive impact on hundreds of people’s life through empowerment and education. I have learnt English since I was seven and recently completed my TEFL (Teach English as Foreign Language) course while volunteered in Cambodia for 8weeks. I was working with children aged between 5-12 years old. Teaching them English, Math, Sports and other social skills.

I’m writing this post, to ask a donation for my next project where I will be moving to Bali, Indonesia for 3months. Where I’ll take on a part-time volunteering (20 hours/week) with Yayasan Widya Sari ( teaching English and Sports classes at their school. The campaign called: Program by the Sea.

Earlier this year my travel adventures led me to Bali, and it has captured my soul. That island and its people have something magical. The people are the most friendly and happy people I have ever seen despite the fact of educational discrimination and lack of funds for further education.

I’m asking you guys to help me realised my dream to be able to travel further while making a difference in people’s life. Give children the opportunity to learn English and have a choice in life as an adult. I’ll be using the funds towards supplies for teaching, vaccinations and necessary travel expenses (as insurance, sponsor visa, etc). I would love to learn more about the Balinese culture while giving back something to society.

Any small donation would be highly appreciated and will help me reach my goal. Together we can create a better life for children in need. Give them support, supplies for teaching and allow them a chance for a brighter future. Travelling makes you a storyteller and projects like volunteering full fill your soul with a purpose for travelling longer and seeking more in life.

I have set up a blog ( where I’ll be documenting my volunteer and travel journey. Also have a facebook page where you can learn more about me as a person.

I’m very grateful that you read this post and hope we can create a difference in the life of less fortunate than us. Thank you.



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