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I’ve written a novel. “Thirteen ” is a story based around the British legend of the Thirteen Treasures of Britain, and it tells the story of how the Catuvellauni tribe is able to successfully engage with the ruthless Berserker tribes of Scandinavia.

As for the premise of the novel, the Thirteen Treasures is not only a literal device, but also metaphorically charts the progress of the Queen’s daughter from naive newling to victorious warrior.

Based in the early Iron Age, the fort of Caer Lludd – where the story is based – is commensurate with the modern Hampstead Heath, and there are many references to the modern day to hook the interest of readers. It is a book filled with majick, ancient British lore, archaeological interest and historical speculation, but most of all, it should pique the enthusiasm of those interested in the life and times of the British Iron Age for, although much may be apocryphal, it is bound to lead to greater research and discovery.

For me, it will hopefully establish my literary talents and enable me to go forward in writing many more books in what I hope will become a saga. The funds will be used to purchase marketing facilities for the book, and to establish such credentials as to enable me to win a publishing contract with rights for further artistic expression of my work, my paintings, music and perhaps thespian expression, and for that I need funds within a month.

To those who would help, I would be very grateful. For you, I have a package of goodies planned – signed copies of the novel, obviously, but also merchandise from future expressions of it – films, theatre, music, copies of sculptures and prints of paintings used on the cover, on archival quality paper.

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