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Child-care Operators are Frustrated After the Threat of Withholding the Funding

Edmonton, Alberta Jun 22, 2024 ( – According to the Association of Alberta Childcare Entrepreneurs (AACE), child-care operators have confessed that they are feeling ‘Let down’ after this disclosure and everyone can witness the frustration and they are willing to opt out of the $10/ per day child-care program. On Monday, after the tense meeting held at the town hall, many childcare operators declared they were feeling about. Several members also have vocalized their concerns about the ability of the government to introduce the $10 per day plan for each child for child-care operators. This amount is not sufficient to maintain the quality of which children have been habituated; this might affect the longevity of this industry as well.

At the Town Hall meeting on Monday, the province announced many plans along with it they are to send operators to survey for a nuanced understanding of the situation at several child-care centers. The government officials have told the operators that if they fail to comply there might be further withheld of their payments. The chairman of the AACE, Krystal Churcher said about this program that there might not be any issue while providing the financial documents to the child care operators. However, their concern as child-care operators will obey the survey demands. Yet, she also has questioned why this survey didn’t take place any earlier.

“We can see from how this is rolled out nationally in three years that there’s very little understanding of what it takes to operate a viable high-quality child-care center from any level of government,” Churcher continued, “The feeling that it’s a mandatory survey with a threat of losing access to grants for parents in your center didn’t sit well with operators.” The agreement between federal governments to execute the $10-a-day child-care program was signed in 2021 November. However, the former plan was to implement this program within 2026. This 5-year deal involved $3.8 billion, yet they were lowering child-care fees for Alberta parents. The foundation increased its child-care options to fund and develop more child-care spaces to support as many vulnerable populations as possible.

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