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Are You Drawing A Crowd? Ask Yourself.. How Can I Add More Backers and Investors?

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CrowdFunding Exposure wants to be part of your success. As our name implies.. we KNOW CrowdFunding and know that a campaign is teamwork and reaching crowd masses is the goal and we are the experts in CrowdFunding Exposure since 2004.

Our experience shows between 1% to 3% of the crowd will invest in your project, thus the more time and more people you can reach will increase the chance of your success.

The following social media channels have a high potential of producing more interested backers, investors, and funders.

FREE Promotion ~ Promote your Campaign Business Idea Invention Product Cause

We started in 2004 as a Pioneer in Internet Marketing and Promotion.  Twelve years ago we built a Social Media and Press release system second to none. Our Accounts accounts and communities to find, collaborate and build the largest CrowdFunding Community in the world totaling over 3.5 Million Donors, Philanthropists, Investors, and Angel Investors.

Why? Because we believe CrowdFunding is a Creator’s Economy that can solve many of the current issues in both the business and social world.

Discover the advantage & power of working with the World’s largest CrowdFunding Consulting, Multi-Media & it’s Web Communities leveraging Google & promoting with proven results.

CrowdFunding is teamwork! Twitter, Facebook, Press Releases, Blogs, and web Communities Leverage with the power of Google and promote with its proven results! focused on Kickstarter crowdfunding, crowdfunding sites, business crowdfunding, IndieGoGo crowdfunding, IndieGoGo, crowdfunding websites, UK crowdfunding, business, games crowdfunding, film crowdfunding, Crowdfunding, crowdfunding sites, CrowdFunding, Crowd Funding, Startups Featured crowdfunding

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5 Best Places to Share my GoFundME Campaign Link Sharing
5 Best Places to Share my GoFundME Campaign Link Sharing


The #1 Campaign Advertising Company!

Donors, Angels, Backers, Philanthropists & Investors!

Authors: William Lexington & Jacky Brown Professional Crowdfunding Coaches, Co-Founders of the Not for Profit Fundraising site   and  Owners of

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Published September 3, 2021

Jerry Cruz

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