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Low Carb Diets Earn Praise: Study Shows Low Carb More Effective Than Low Fat Diets

2008-07-25 02:00:00

Low Carb Diets Earn Praise: Study Shows Low Carb More Effective Than Low Fat Diets

GlycemicEdge, a nutrition and wellness portal, adds additional support for low carb friendly Glycemic Index and Atkins diets following release of 2-year study. Low carb diets earning strong medical praise with findings supporting the benefits of low carb diets over traditional low fat plans.

Denver, CO (EMWNews) July 25, 2008 — Low carb diets received a well deserved boost this month when a large 2-year study concluded that low carbohydrate diets are more effective than traditional low fat diets for losing weight and improving cholesterol levels. Published this week in the New England Journal of Medicine, the authors observed 322 moderately obese adults and found the low carb group outperformed low fat dieters in average weight loss and proportion of HDL to LDL cholesterol levels.

In response to strong consumer and researcher support for smart and low carb diet plans, announced an expansion of diet plans they support to include the Glycemic Index, South Beach Diet, and now the Atkins Diet plan.

Wayne Becker, editor for, added, “The study released last week by NEJM only reinforces that no single diet is right for everyone. It also sends a strong signal that low carb diet plans may offer some strong advantages over traditional low fat diets — particularly when it comes to weight loss and cardiovascular wellness.”

Maintaining a focus on low carb focused meal plans, recipes, and managed diets allows GlycemicEdge to power a single portal that allows users to research and select the right low carb plan that suits their needs. Support and interest for the Atkins diet has seen renewed support, particularly among men, many of which view the studies supporting low carb over low fat as a vindication of the plans originated by Dr. Robert C. Atkins.

The big surprise of the study was that low carb diets improved cholesterol more than the Mediterranean Diet or Low Fat diet plans, despite the fact that the low carb diet has no specific restrictions on fat intake.

The study highlighted a number of remarkable findings, including:

  • The relative drop in cholesterol to high density lipoprotein (“good” cholesterol) was 20% in the low carb group vs. 12% in the low fat group
  • Avg. weight loss 6.4 lbs in low carb group vs. 10.4 lbs in the low carb group
  • The low carb group ate the fewest carbs and a proportionately higher level of fat, protein, and cholesterol — yet still showed the best cholesterol health level improvements

The addition of the Atkins Diet to the already popular South Beach Diet and Glycemic Index Diet plans allows visitors to select the plan that best suits their individual tastes and tolerances. Matching the right plan to an individuals goals and preferences is a critical first-step in jump starting lifestyle changes.

“One of the most overlooked findings in the study was that 95.4% of the participants in the study stuck to the diets for at least 1 year. Over 84% stayed on it for the entire 2-year period. These aren’t fad diets. They’re not 30 day miracle plans. These are lifestyle plans that promote long term wellness — the fact that you lose weight and improve overall energy & cholesterol levels often overshadow how well received these plans are. We help people get started — the first 2-4 weeks are critical.”

For information about the clinical study, visit the New England Journal of Medicine.

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