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MitoSciences Inc. Licenses Phospho-proteins from the Hospital for Sick Children

2008-07-14 18:00:00

A new agreement provides MitoSciences with access to kinases and

phosphatases for PDH (pyruvate dehydrogenase), a crucial biomarker for

cancer and diabetes.

EUGENE, Ore.–(EMWNews)–MitoSciences today announces an agreement with the Hospital for Sick

Children (SickKids) in Toronto, Canada, whereby SickKids will provide

MitoSciences with recombinant vector systems for producing the four

kinases and two phosphatases that activate and deactivate the enzyme PDH

(pyruvate dehydrogenase).

MitoSciences has patent pending tests for measuring PDH activity in both

high-throughput and clinical platforms, and intends to use the newly

accessed proteins to provide complete solutions for understanding the

activity of PDH.

PDH has been identified as a key biomarker for cancer, diabetes and

certain inherited diseases, and it is deactivated by kinases and

re-activated by phosphatases.

“MitoSciences has been at the leading edge in designing novel tools for

measuring PDH,” said president Jean-Paul Audette, “and with the

combination of our existing technology and the new proteins from

SickKids we can now provide the most complete solution available

anywhere for understanding PDH and its activity in human and rodent


For more than 80 years it has been known that cancer cells generate

their energy principally by glycolytic metabolism rather than by

oxidative metabolism, the latter being the primary energy source in

healthy cells. It has only recently been discovered that this switch,

known as the Warburg effect, is caused at least in part by diminished

PDH activity, and that this diminished activity is the result of

phosphorylation by kinases.

PDH, or more accurately the kinases that deactivate PDH, have also

recently been proposed as an important target for diabetes therapies.

Activation of PDH has the potential to benefit diabetic patients by

inhibiting gluceogenesis and by promoting glucose disposal.

Drugs that selectively inhibit the three PDH kinases are thus highly

sought-after targets for pharmaceutical companies, and these drugs have

the potential to provide therapies that could help millions of cancer

and diabetes sufferers.

The new products that will soon be released by MitoSciences will allow

drug developers to quickly and accurately screen potential PDH kinase


About MitoSciences Inc.

MitoSciences is a developer and manufacturer of monoclonal antibodies

and immunoassays for use in understanding mitochondrial function and

metabolism. MitoSciences’ products are used by pharmaceutical companies,

clinical laboratories, and basic researchers to unlock the role of

metabolic enzymes in disease, drug therapy, and drug toxicology.

MitoSciences’ products support the rapidly growing fields of systems

biology and personalized medicine.


Media Contact
MitoSciences Inc.
Jean-Paul Audette,

president, 541-284-1800

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