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Summer is here and thousands of people will hit the beaches and shores to enjoy the sun and the lovely ocean. But have you ever wondered how the beach and ocean look after all the people leave? Over 5 trillion pieces of plastic garbage are scattered throughout the oceans around the world.

Over 1 million sea birds and marine animals die each year from plastic garbage.


This children’s book is a heart warming story about two friends, Tiffany and Tyesha, who want to clean the beach and ocean so that it is safe for their fish friend Benjamin to play with them. Benjamin is a fun loving fish with a big smile who loves playing with the girls when they visit the beach.

The book teaches children that it’s OUR RESPONSIBILITY to keep the oceans clean!

Provided with adequate funding, we plan on providing FREE copies of Saving Benjamin to as many schools, teachers, parents and summer reading programs so children can learn the importance of beach cleaning and recycling. It’s really important to engage children from an early age to the principles of recycling and protecting the environment.

By generously contributing to our campaign, you are helping to educate younger generations about the importance of protecting our oceans and preserving marine life.

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