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See the World in Overdrive: Overdrive PC Launches New Hyperclocked(TM) Product Line

2008-07-15 09:55:00

    Innovative Products Include Solutions for Gamers, Multimedia

Professionals, and Mobile Users

    RICHMOND, Va., July 15 /EMWNews/ -- Overdrive PC, the

premier U.S. based manufacturer of precision engineered and highly

specialized gaming, workstation, and mobile PCs, announces the release of a

completely revamped product line and a newly redesigned

Highlighting an unprecedented level of precision craftsmanship, extreme

attentiveness to detail, and truly innovative engineering techniques never

before seen in the PC industry, Overdrive's relaunched lineup is the

epitome of ultra performance computing.

    "With our new line-up of products, we've put an emphasis on even the

most minute detail," said Marty Wood, Executive Director and GM of

Overdrive PC. "From laser-etched details to our stringent component

selection process to our trademarked HyperClocking, the new Overdrive PC is

unlike anything else on the market today."

    Included in the launch is a range of products for every customer, from

extreme and entry level gaming to mobile systems and professional

workstations. The Overdrive PC SmallBlock series is a compact system

perfect for small spaces or LAN gaming, starting at $1499. For a more

immersive gaming experience, Overdrive offers the BigBlock, packed to the

gills with bleeding edge components (starting at $1999). For those in need

of a professional workstation, the Torque series provides extreme power for

content creation and media editing, starting at $1830. And for the mobile

user, the Rev.GT and Rev.Pro notebooks provide a mixture of power and style

previously believed impossible in a mobile platform including up to 1.5

terabytes of storage capacity.

    "With these new PCs, we've maximized our engineering techniques to

allow us to get every drop of potential performance from each component,"

said Mario Cifaldi, Founder and Director of Advanced Engineering for

Overdrive PC. "Through our patented Hyperclocking and SureCool(TM) system,

we've created an unrivaled level of precision and extreme performance for a

truly innovative experience. No one else in the industry--and I mean no

one--can match it."

    Every system Overdrive PC creates comes with precision craftsmanship,

100% US based support, automotive painting options, luxury OPC apparel, and

advanced Hyperclocking engineering. Visit the newly redesigned for more information and to begin Seeing the World in

Overdrive by configuring your ultimate gaming, mobile, or workstation PC

featuring Hyperclocking technology.

    About Overdrive PC

    Overdrive PC(TM) is a U.S. based manufacturer of highly specialized,

precision engineered gaming PCs and professional workstations. Since 1999,

Overdrive has provided custom PCs for both the typical gamer and the

demanding professional business environment, all built on the principles of

unparalleled performance, methodical design, and a premium level of

customer service. Overdrive PC continues to roll out the very finest in

precision crafted PCs and workstations through the use of their trademarked

HyperClocking(TM) Technology, SureCool(TM) System, and a complete

unwillingness to compromise in any aspect of the PC business.

    In May 2007, Overdrive PC was acquired by Velocity Micro, the premier

builder of custom high performance PCs in North America. Together, both

brands work to create a PC experience that focuses strongly on innovation,

ultra performance, and value.

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