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Wind Study May Produce First Full-Scale Wind Turbine at an Indiana High School


Performance Services, Inc.

2008-04-08 12:15:00

Wind Study May Produce First Full-Scale Wind Turbine at an Indiana High School

WEST LEBANON, IN–( EMWNews – April 8, 2008) – On March 26th, 2008 the Metropolitan

School District of Warren County cast its future into the wind,

electrically speaking of course. MSD of Warren County has installed a

200-foot MET-tower to collect and log wind data during the next 12 months

at Seeger Memorial Jr/Sr. High School. After this initial collection

period, a feasibility study will be conducted as a crucial step in

determining the future possibility of installing a full scale wind turbine

to offset electrical costs for the school corporation.

As a renewable resource, wind is classified according to wind power

classes, which are based on typical wind speeds. The Warren County School

District is located southwest of Lafayette in a Class 3 area, one of the

few areas in Indiana which may be suitable for utility-scale wind

development. The Indiana Office of Energy and Defense Development approved

a grant for the feasibility study and are hopeful that the data gathered in

this Class 3 wind location will encourage future wind development

throughout the State. Warren County’s local REMC and Wabash Valley Power

Association have also supported the feasibility project. The MSD School

Board and Administration are hopeful to work in partnership with REMC to

make this a mutually beneficial project.

Specifically, the project aims to erect one or more 1.5-2.0 megawatt wind

turbines at Seeger Memorial Jr/Sr. High School to help reduce energy costs

for the school district. MSD of Warren County, like other schools are

exploring creative funding to reduce energy related operating costs and

enhance the learning opportunities for their students. “We are excited

about the possibility of using a natural resource to generate electricity

for the Seeger/Warren Central facility. One wind turbine has the potential

to generate enough electricity for all of Seeger Jr/Sr. High School and

Warren Central Elementary. The wind turbine can provide cost savings to the

school district over a period of years, and perhaps generate additional

electricity to sell. This presents a unique opportunity for MSD of Warren

County to be at the forefront of utilizing alternative sources of clean,

renewable energy,” said Terry Roderick, Superintendent.

Performance Services (PSI), an Indiana-based design build company that

specializes in energy savings projects in K-12 Schools, has been involved

from the beginning stages and provided the school with preliminary

economics and coordinated with all essential partners to help the wind

study become a reality. “We are excited that Indiana schools are

considering renewable energy sources. It’s our privilege to participate in

this groundbreaking project by offering our expertise,” said Tim Thoman,

President of Performance Services. Joining PSI is Stewardship Energy, a

wind consulting firm based in Illinois, who agreed to offer their

experience and expertise regarding wind feasibility studies to the project.

At the end of the study, the Indiana Department of Energy plans to

re-install the tower in a new location to continue uncovering the potential

of wind energy in Indiana — while MSD of Warren County hopes they will

have some unique and unprecedented options for the board to consider that

will improve the circumstances within the community for years to come.

Arlene Gavin
Performance Services, Inc.
(317) 713-1750

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