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99active Launches UK Platform for Unique Activities That’s Like a Mischievous Matchmaker for Exploration and Joy

99active connects you with live, authentic activities led by skilled professionals. Discover, grow, share, and earn through unique workshops, tours, and adventures. Foster lifelong learning and quality time with like-minded individuals.

Thornbury, Bristol Jul 9, 2024 ( – 99active Launches UK Platform for Unique Activities That’s Like a Mischievous Matchmaker for Exploration and Joy

99active launched its activity marketplace in the UK. The actStore provides a place for providers to connect with people looking to learn, explore, and experience joy.

99active started as an activity marketplace in Germany in 2021. Over the years, it’s become clear that too many people are wasting their time doing nothing outside of work. People need “escapes,” and there aren’t enough accessible activities in their local area. So they end up sitting on the sofa mindlessly flicking through TV channels every evening.

99active closes this gap by connecting skilled activity providers with the local community to offer experiences that return to simplicity, tapping into the essence of ‘now’–free from unnecessary complexities. This UK launch opens opportunities for new geographic areas to get involved in the experiences revolution.

This isn’t just another activity platform. 99active is a place that encourages and promotes deeper emotional connections with the activities we engage in by advocating:

Living in the Present
Intuitive Learning
The Body as a Teacher
Courage and Comfort
Fearless Living
Nature, Family, Friends
Fulfilment and Wonders

Kathleen Bartho, founder of 99active, states, “By embracing timeless knowledge and rediscovering the joy of nostalgic childhood living, 99active transforms adulthood into a phase filled with continuous exploration, wonder, and the pure delight of living in the moment, all while fostering connections within local communities.”

New and seasoned activity providers in the UK are invited to join the 99active platform for free. Publishing their activity offers on the actStore is also free of charge. A 10 percent fee applies only when tickets are sold. Now is the perfect time to join the 99active community and grow your activity business.

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