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Help Maintain Allison’s Dream GoFundME Campaign ViralExposure

I’m Allison Kimberly Scholz, 58 years young, & I am an EXTREMELY determined & inspiring gal with severe Cerebral Palsy. Being unable to walk nor speak doesn’t stop me from doing just about ANYTHING! Last September, I and my emotional support dog Harmony moved from Las Vegas to Bartlett, TN (by myself) to buy a house. I did just that! ...

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Desperately need wheelchair

Last year I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. I lost the use of my legs because the cancer attacked my brain and bones. Through therapy some mobility has returned but no where near enough. My balance will never return and because of the location of my cancer a fall will kill me. My cancer is shrinking and life ...

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Starting Again Paying it Forward GoFundME Campaign

Hello everyone, my name is Mike Stokes. My family and I would like to start a new trend. This trend is plainly put…”paying it forward”. We all know how hard it is to save money when you live pay check to pay check. And we all know how much money you need for a down payment and closing costs when ...

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Eyes open and we are ready GoFundME Viral Exposure

So after 25 years in Corporate America getting kicked around and lied to for years 1 day I found out what heartless people I have been working for. I was on my way to work and got hit by a person running a red light they were traveling 80 mph needless to say that changed my life they had little ...

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