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Emergency Family Help Anthony Cibelli Fight ACS For His Sons GoFundME Campaign

EAST ELMHURST, NY December 8th, 2018 I have reported complaints repeatedly to many authorities. Some of those authorities are NYC Department of Investigation, State Attorney General, Public Integrity Bureau, Inspector General, ACS, and even the FBI, due to the scam calls I have received as subject to this now. I hold enough evidence regarding this matter to show that something ...

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Lyft me up: New car & New Start GoFundME Viral Exposure

My husband, Rob, is a disabled veteran, and Lyft is the perfect job for him. It lets him work his own hours, and take breaks whenever he needs to. Some times the memory intrusions become bad enough that he has difficulty working. Because of PTSD, he hasn’t been able to hold a traditional 9-5 job, but with Lyft he’s his ...

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Finally HOME

DONATE Today! http://bit.ly/finallyHOME Welcome to our dream of helping this generation of foster kids have the family support and life skills they need to successfully graduate high school and college. we found the home with enough space. It needs work, but if we can raise enough to purchase, we can use proceeds from the sale of our home for the needed ...

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Gods Got It Israel – Clear the Fog

GOD’S GOT IT ISRAEL I first heard the statement,  God’s Got It when I did an interview with one of Israel’s sports hero’s.   I asked if he could explain how Israel has survived over the past fifty plus years?  His answer was , “There is only one explanation,  God’s Got It. ”  That saying has stuck in my mind ...

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