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Rev. Dr. Christina Clement Launches “Dynasty Healing Community Unity Committee” (DHCUC)

to Address Critical Issues Ahead of 2024 Presidential Race

Dover, Delaware May 12, 2024 (EMWNews.com) – Rev. Dr. Christina Clement Launches “Dynasty Healing Community Unity Committee” (DHCUC) to Address Critical Issues Ahead of 2024 Presidential Race

Rev. Dr. Christina Clement, an Independent Party candidate for the 2024 Presidential Election, has taken a groundbreaking step towards fostering community cohesion and addressing pressing societal challenges with the establishment of the “Dynasty Healing Community Unity Committee” (DHCUC).

Comprising a diverse panel of twelve esteemed members, alongside Dr. Clement herself who will lead discussions, the DHCUC is dedicated to confronting multifaceted issues affecting communities across the nation. Central to its mission is combating the harrowing epidemic of fentanyl use among minors, a crisis that demands urgent attention and concerted action.

In a pioneering move, all donations and fines received from the community will be channeled into a Community Contribution Trust, ensuring transparency and accountability in the allocation of funds. This trust will serve as a vital resource to finance initiatives aimed at tackling a myriad of societal issues confronting communities throughout the United States.

Furthermore, recognizing the interconnectedness of global communities, Dr. Clement extends the reach of the initiative through the establishment of the “Dynasty Healing Community Unity Committee International” (DHCUCI). This extension will address the concerns of communities worldwide, extending the blueprint for collaborative action to jurisdictions beyond U.S. borders.

“The Dynasty Healing Community Unity Committee represents the unity and strength of our global community, which boasts a staggering 1.4 trillion in collective wealth. We are more than capable of regaining control over our children. That is generational wealth,” stated Dr. Christina Clement.

In reverence to self-governing principles, the DHCUC draws inspiration from the abstract of the constitution, mirroring the principles laid out in the State of Loc Nations Constitution, which was sent to the United Nations in June 2023. This document reaffirms that self-governance is a divine right and will be practiced for the betterment of all communities.

The inaugural meeting of the Dynasty Healing Community Unity Committee will take place on the TikTok platform this Sunday, May 12, 2024, at 10 a.m. (EST), with subsequent meetings scheduled for each and every Sunday until further notice.

To contribute to the cause, donations can be sent via Cash App to $dynastyhealing or via Zelle at 678-780-5557.

Dr. Christina Clement’s visionary leadership and commitment to fostering unity and addressing societal challenges underscore her dedication to the well-being of all citizens. Through the DHCUC, she paves the way for inclusive, impactful solutions that resonate across communities and borders alike.

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About Rev. Dr. Christina Clement:

Rev. Dr. Christina Clement is an Independent Party candidate running for President in the 2024 election. With a background in community activism, Loctician, Author, mother, notary and social justice advocacy, Rev Dr. Clement brings a unique perspective and unwavering dedication to addressing the pressing issues facing society today. Through her leadership, she seeks to unite communities and enact meaningful change for the betterment of all.

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Source :Dynasty Healing Corporation

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