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You Matter / You are Enough GoFundME ViralExposure Campaign

Recently, my husband and I decided that it was time we show our children actionable steps to give back to the community I had listened to a You Tube Video Marissa Peer: The Biggest Disease Affecting Humanity:” I’m not Enough”; https://binged.it/2nYwih8. I do my best not to forget where I came from and remain humble. Today, I am blessed beyond abundance. ...

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Support Nawal Al Saadawi institute in Egypt GoGetFunding Campaign Exposure

After 30+ forums with more than 10,000 participants, emerged a legal need to formally register the Nawal Al Saadawi Institute. The institute works towards gender equality and ending all forms of discrimination. It is expanding the window of discourse, encouraging innovative individuals, and non-violently resisting systematic oppressions. Nawal Al Saadawi Institute is run exclusively by volunteers, and is currently in ...

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Kirby’s Medical Fund

I am a 61 year old truck driver with coronary artery disease. I have been out of work for two months while trying to get medically re-certified for my job. In the process of getting this done I subsequently had a heart catheter procedure. The price tag was well over $55K. This comes ten years after a triple bypass. The ...

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Horses Need Help

Weʼre raising £1,000 to Trying to help a small independent privately run Horse and Pony Sanctuary, which is currently a permanent home to 6 rescued ponies

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Metastatic Breast Cancer

They say to get the help you need you must admit you need help and you must ask for it. Well sadly I need help and I am asking for it today. My wife Becky age 51 was diagnosed with MBC metastatic breast cancer Stage 3 just over 3 months ago. She found that one thing no women ever wants ...

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Designs and Clothes

PrivilegedORG is a small ESports community trying to campaign to help fun our brand. We are looking to buy ESport jerseys with our logo on them to help get our image out and grow. Any help is greatly appreciated!!

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