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Recently, my husband and I decided that it was time we show our children actionable steps to give back to the community I had listened to a You Tube Video Marissa Peer: The Biggest Disease Affecting Humanity:” I’m not Enough”;

I do my best not to forget where I came from and remain humble. Today, I am blessed beyond abundance. However, I remember a darker time. I remember the humiliation of holding my now 14 year olds daughters’ hand. Begging another human beings charity at a fuel station island. Desperation the only option. Food the only quest.
Becoming “Enough” First, took knowing! “I was enough”! And Becoming enough was the only option. But, becoming enough, was a very lonely journey.

My family and I started with 10 paper sacks. My girls wrote “You Matter” in Crayola and we packed them with everything we could think of. When I read the You Matter, something felt wrong. I became self-conscious. What if I offend or hurt someone. What if they ask me. “How can you say I matter. Do you see me?” This is a complex thought process. So, I decided to get a 3 pack of beer. (This I hope does not stop you from reading, I taught even myself a very important lesson.) My thoughts were based on ostracism, diversity and inclusion.

Our first stop was “Robert”, he is struggling with his belongings and appeared to be planning for the evening. My 4-year-old daughter and I got out of our car You Matter sack in hand. As we approached, “Roberts” body language showed passive and self-defensive mannerism. It appeared he was more afraid of myself and my child. This is awkward! The first time I said, “Are you hungry?’, His response was,” I don’t want any problems.” This was not what I had expected! I am lost and confused. We do not want to hurt this man. In attempt to ease the situation, “Would you like a beer?”. “Robert” now sees there is no threat. However, Robert does not drink. Neither did 9 of the other recipients we gave our sacks of You Matter to.

Here is another great You Tube Link Amanda Palmer; The Art of Asking;

This leads me to a lot of questions. Is the homeless population suffering from addiction? Mental Health? Unemployment? Are they willing to work but unable to because of alienating criminal histories? Are the actual needs being addressed by the hundreds of thousands of government and non-profit institutes?
I believe it is Google and Google X where I heard life changing career advice.

Fail Fast. And my most favorite You Tube. Id like to point out if this man can develop liquid glass!! His commentary on Addiction, Discomfort and Shame, well it holds merit to me. Have you ever worked with liquid glass? Coooool! Tom Chi Everything is Connected.,

I have picked myself up failure after failure. I am a Wellness Strategist and I am a believer in empowerment and ownership of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. My mission is more, it is a vision. People are more than people, they are complex humans. Humans are more than humans, they are complex intricacy’s of humanity.

The message is simple. YOU ARE ENOUGH! We would like to put a T-shirt on anybody who may not be sure if they are at this specific point in time.