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University Education

Hello and thank you for visiting my funding page!

My name is Kellie and I am raising money for the last year of my university degree to become a fully fledged Web Developer/Engineer.

Let me tell my story… I became deaf at the age of 4 and have all my life relied on others to help me through various aspects of growing up. At school and college, I have had sign language interpreters to relay what my teachers were saying. If I needed to make a phone call, I have had to ask others to do this for me. I can rarely have a conversation with strangers as I struggle to understand what’s being said. As for a group social outing… Forget it.

Recently, I learnt of various applications for smartphones to ‘help’ deaf people gain independence, with one glitch: They charge monthly or yearly subscriptions to use!
Being unemployed, or a child/young adult, a deaf person would be unable to pay the charges and if the app isn’t used in a work/educational-based environment, the government won’t offer any monetary assistance.

This is where you come in: Help me to complete my university studies so that I can gain the knowledge and capabilities to design and create an app (or 2) that offers assistance to deaf/hearing impaired people to use free of charge.

With this degree, I would be able to pursue my career path of being a Data Scientist which would be more than enough to support me without charging anyone for use of my assistance apps 🙂

Please help me to help change the lives of deaf/hearing impaired people 🙂

Thank you so much for any support you can offer, no matter how small.

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