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Veteran Seeks Help Us Stay In Our Homes GoFundME Campaign

Veteran Seeks Help Us Stay In Our Homes GoFundME Campaign

Hi I’m Richard a veteran and am recovering from fractures of my L3. 4 and 5 plus fracture of my rt. hip , I have sever nerve damage and suffer daily with sever sciatica.

I receive Social Security disability retirement as of October 2017 and payed 10 months of rent in advance but my rent became due August 1st. my income at present leaves me short.

I have also applied for what’s called industrial disability retirement as well but that won’t be available until sometime in November , therefore I am asking for a little help so that my pups Sierra , Jax and I can stay in our home.

The pups are 15 and 12 years of age and to find another place that will allow them are very hard to find so we would love to be able to stay in our present home .

My rent is $800 per month so 3 months would be $2400 plus if at all possible I have $1030 in vet bills and $1305 in uncovered medical bills that brings the total to $4735, however any amount will be a big help and greatly appreciated ,also please share us to help our campaign.

Thanks and God bless you all
Richard , Sierra and Jax .

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