Adapted accommodation for 7 Year Old Rhys GoFundME ViralExposure Campaign

Rhys is a 7 year old boy who is severely disabled with profound care needs.  Rhys was born with an unknown genetic condition he has been left having 30-60 uncontrolled seizures every day of his existence, this has caused a significant delay in his development as a child and he has no ability to do anything for himself.

Rhys requires a properly equipped and suitably modified bungalow to live safely at home, with his father away serving his country his mother is often left alone to look after his needs 24/7.  There is no social housing available that would suffice his needs, as he requires ceiling hoists, wet rooms and room for a specially adapted bed, all on the same floor as his parents.

Please help this family finally have a home of their own to ensure this little boy can grow up as safe and happy as possible

Please consider a donation to help this wonderful young boy and his military family.