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Help Francine Schmid-Garcia Win Her Battle against Cancer & Reach GofundMe Goal

My name is Mary and I am requesting help for my niece Francine who was diagnosed at age 38 with an aggressive form of breast cancer last October 2020. Triple positive HERS 2 stage B3 inflammatory cancer. It had already spread to her lymph nodes. They started her on chemotherapy in November 2020 and she is still getting chemo now, most likely through November 2021.

She had a double mastectomy in May 2021 and they had to remove 28 lymph nodes from under her right arm (we normally only have 30 lymph nodes). Due to the removal of so many lymph nodes and chemo she has developed neuropathy in her feet and legs and lymphedema of the right arm and hand, chest wall. She endures painful physical therapy to try to reduce fluid build-up from the lymphedema and improve mobility of her arm. She will be facing surgery in a few months to remove her ovaries as a preventative measure as her cancer has a very high recurrence rate to other organs.

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Francine will not be able to get reconstructive surgery for at least another year. They added to her regime the first week of September, she is now getting radiation 5 days a week for 5 weeks. Francine is a strong woman and a fighter. She has gone through so much already, but still has a very long road of ahead of her in this battle. She had to quit working and her husband has had to cut back on work hours to help care for Francine and their two young children (ages 6 and 11) which are homeschooled. Financially things have become more challenging for them to meet the basic needs of their young family. Insurance does not cover all of Francine’s medical-related expenses.

Please join us in this effort to help Francine and her family win this fight. Consider donating to the Schmid-Garcia family and share her story on your Social Media.

Thank you.

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UpdateDanny and I just wanted to send a quick thank you. Every donation, kind message, and share is very much appreciated as we continue facing every challenge this diagnosis keeps throwing our way. Thank you all so much from the bottom of our hearts.

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