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Please Help SA Family Campaign. This is My Story….The day I started with this video, I couldn’t believe what I was doing, it was so surreal and I was embarrassed to put my family out there asking for donations on a gogetfunding page.I knew in the back of my mind that this was a long shot and that it would also bring negative comments from some people but I was desperate to make a plan – for my kids, for my family.

It is not what I imagine myself doing in my 40s thinking of leaving, packing up, taking a risk, taking the kids and starting over somewhere else to escape the current affairs within South Africa.Now for us to make this decision, the reason behind it, must be a real legit one.

We are living the ‘history in the making’ and it has become the norm to accept what we are living, the events that occurs on a daily, some things so horrific that it engraves a pain path in your heart and your emotions are high as you feel the pain of those taking their last breath in that moment of a horror killing. South Africa has changed and it has changed something inside of us. Where would we go?

Now this decision didn’t happen overnight, it has been in process a few months, talking to our kids, our family. These few months are going so fast and we are feeling more insecure about the future in south Africa for ourselves, our kids and family.

This video has been out there for little over a month, we are sharing far and wide and asking everyone to watch and share and if possible to donate a minimum of $1. When we received our first donation we were so excited we couldn’t believe it and I felt good about this video and its purpose for the first time. It is not easy out there to make people feel your desperate plea – well so I discovered as I went along social media sharing our video – some people think this is a fake page with a fake family – I was shocked I must have lived under a rock for a while before I snapped it – there are a lot of fake profiles, fake pages, fake funding pages, fake news, etc. confusing the people in the world. The things that are happening in South Africa is not fake, it is real and this is a real plea and I realised that I have to do something about it so that everyone can see that this is not a fake family but a real family asking for help from anyone in the world looking to pay it forward and donating towards our journey ahead.

People ask why do you need so much money? This is my response to that question. For myself Danelle, For my hubby Bobby, For my kids Keanu and Kirsty, for my sister Yolinda, for my mom in law Sandra (pensioner), for my brother in law Santo (unemployed) so that we can leave South Africa and start a new life together as a family in Panama and to assist our other family members to leave once we are settled in Panama. We are selling our furniture, cars etc. including our small home based business. We need all the funds we can get for plane tickets and to start a new business, money for attorneys, work permits, accommodation and food. We will have to settle quickly into our new life so that our kids can adapt to schooling etc. After considering all of the above, for a normal family working hard to survive on a daily, it is not possible to achieve this alone. This is a desperate plea for help to anyone in the world wanting to pay it forward. We are running out of time, we need to speed this up.Please Help SA Family Campaign on GoGetFunding.com Please watch our video and share to your friends and family and ask them to share.Thank you.If you would like to communicate via email with us please send to pleasehelpSAfamily@gmail.com. Please also like our Facebook page @PleasehelpSAfamily.

Please help SA family campaign

For more info: http://https://gogetfunding.com/please-help-sa-family-campaign/

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