Medical Transportation for MaKheil

I started this Page for An Awesome, Kind, Giving and Strong Woman that has a Son Named MaKheil. They have had One Hardship and Family Emergency After Another.

Makheil was a Vibrant Young Curious Boy When I Meet Him. Tolanda Wanting His Hair Cut After One of His Stays in the Hospital. He was Exposed and Poisoned by LEAD IN THEIR HOME!

Makheil Had A Lead Level of 69 at an Very Early Age. It has Cause Several Hospitalizations. Delayments. Speech Impairments. Communication Deficit. Nervousness.  Etc…

Their Home was Inspected and Lead was Found. They’ve Moved, Moved and Moved Again. Even When they Moved in CHA/HUD REGULATED HOUSING MAKHEIL WAS EXPOSED SOME MORE.. THEY MOVED AGAIN AND THIS LAST Move Tolanda, Mother of Makheil  had made an impossible and difficult decision, given no Choice, but to seek a homeless shelter.  It was so bad, the House was Recorded As uninhabitable to Live.  It took so long for housing to provide the family with assistance, moving paper’s & provide reasonable accommodations due to them both having Health Conditions (due to the Stress Tolanda Suffered a Heart Attack).
The Family Sleep in their car & at/in Parks for Months!

One Day Trying to get back to the Shelter Their car breaks down and stops on Near North Ave on Lake Shore dr.  She was Able to Get Her Vehicle to Stockton Dr. Where Tolanda’s Car was Towed.

Which is W hat & Why I Set this Up for Them.
Makheils Last Emergency was at School when he was feed something that sent him in an “Allergic Reaction!” which he broke out in hives, closed his eyes, had him panic into an anxiety atrack that altered his breathing. Makheil has lived in Mold infested units along with lead. He has moderate to severe “Asthma!” as If thats not enough, he suffers from AUTISM.

On That day and the picture on this page is Makheil making it safely to the Hospital but They lives 1.3 miles away from any  Public Transportation (Pace Bus) which Runs every 30mins to 1 hour depends on time of day. And Certain days or holidays the bus isnt available.

Mom received call that her baby was in distress an wasn’t able to get to him as promptly as the school staff/nurse and district asked of her a.s.a.p. Mom knocked on doors of neighbors frantically who had cars parked in driveway to obtain assistance for a ride no one ANSWERS. Mom is historical! Call from school nurse update your son is being transported to th ER! He wasnt Getting Air.  Epi- Pen was administered and benadryl was given by EMT WITH A Breathing Treatment.

I Ask if you can see it in your heart to Help This Single Mom in Distress to Be Able to Get to her child in emergencies as well all keep regular doctors appointments for herself. Makheil medical necessity requires so much time mom hasn’t got time to CHECK herself own medical problems out..
Thanks in Advance in this matter and Greatly Appreciate you for the time you took out your day to read, share or donate.. God Bless You

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