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Monica Lewinsky – Agnivesh Agarwal – Talking Cyberbullying, Visiting Healthcare – Touring Istanbul

Monica Lewinsky touring Istanbul to meet Agnivesh Agarwal & Primeks Medical. Will discuss cyberbullying, visit healthcare wellness facilities, including medical tourism

Los Angeles, California May 1, 2024 (EMWNews.com) – LOS ANGELES, May 1, 2024 /EMWNews.com/- Monica Lewinsky will visit Istanbul, Turkey in June 2024, to spend time with Agnivesh Agarwal and the Primeks Medical team. Her focus will be on sharing her experience on cyberbullying and harassment, and visit healthcare wellness facilities, including medical tourism. As part of Primeks’ focus on medical and wellness tourism, she will accompany Agnivesh via a local tour guide to a number of key tourist attractions that the city showcases.

Renowned for his significant contributions to educational institutions and hospitals in India and beyond, the Agarwal legacy, which includes ownership of global resources giant Vedanta Resources and subsidiaries Primeks Medical and Fujairah Gold, along with his family, has been at the forefront of various social impact initiatives. These initiatives encompass psychological wellbeing, occupational healthcare, women and youth development and social welfare.

Agnivesh’s multifaceted industrialist roles proves a commitment to the convergence of corporate excellence and social impact. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Mumbai, his journey has been marked by pivotal roles in enterprises that significantly contributed to organizational growth and social development globally.

Monica Lewinsky challenges cyberbullying & harassment, with a focus of wellness.

Monica, a prominent social activist, global public speaker, Vanity Fair contributing editor, and TV personality, has traversed a remarkable journey from a young intern entangled in a political scandal, to a fervent advocate against cyberbullying and social change.

Monica has been invited to Turkey to present a talk on managing cyberbullying at Primeks Medical, visit a wellness centre and medical laboratory, as well as explore what Istanbul has to offer. Her recent response to Taylor Swift’s meme regarding “Asylym”, is a noteworthy recent addition.

In her compelling TED Talk, titled “The Price of Shame,” Monica sheds light on the perils of online bullying and public shaming, drawing from her own experience on public scrutiny and medica harassment, enduring relentless attacks over the years. Her message resonates with victims of cyberbullying, emphasizing the pressing need for compassion and empathy in the digital age.

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