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This one of the most loving couples I have ever met. Through knowing them they restored my faith that people can find true love. Unfortunately in May Jean suffered a major ear infection that went to her brain. The infection was so severe that she was hospitalized for several weeks. Even after she was released and went home she had a relapse in her illness and it was determined that in order for her infection to clear they had to remove part of her skull and preserve it in her abdomen until her infection heals and she is well enough to have it inserted. This leaving Jean unable to work and ultimately losing her job. Darryl is a remarkable man and had to be caregiver to Jean during this time. This caused him several weeks away from his job as well. They are slowing recovering but are faced with some major set backs with their financial situation. After living in the same apartments for 15 years they are now being forced to leave with no where to go and short on funds to start over. I have decided to start this fundraiser (with out their knowledge) to raise the money they will need to help them pay their deposit and 1st months rent. Jean is still recovering and facing major surgery in just a week at the same time they are having to move. I am asking for donations to assist them so this can be less of a burden of what they have already are dealing with or if anyone knows a reasonable place they can get into we appreciate your assistance. Please dig deep to help this so deserving couple, I appreciate your help. PS they are packing as I type this so I am trying to get the funds up asap.

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