Vegas Shooting PTSD Crisis

Many people who weren’t injured, yet present to witness the horror show it was during the traumatic Vegas Shooting, had their lives turned upside down from experience that terrible day. PTSD is very real, I suffer from it myself in extreme ways after years of abuse that I am lucky to have lived through, and so many of these people stopped being able to function from that chemical imbalance while trying to cope with the night terrors and flashbacks.

I have a dear friend, whom out of respect I am keeping anonymous, who is one of these people. Up till the trauma and having to learn to cope with these new, strange, and truly awful symptoms this person was once a success at everything they put their hands on, from excellent education to an amazing work history, yet now about to lose his home, job lost to him from a flashback at work that caused a scene, and a series of others having the same result and unable to get back on their feet.

Dealing with the beginning stages of PTSD drops the ground from beneath you, changes everything in one moment. I am doing all I can to help, but I am an only mom to two children, my ex husband still in max security and never to be near us again, and can only spare so much to help.

The final point of my reaching this point was the break in to his apartment, stealing valuable equipment, destroying many things, and stealing a wallet with every licensed ID in it.

Please help me to help others who have fallen to the bottom from the tragedy that occurred and the long term affects that come hand in hand.

The funds will be connected to my bank account as this person doesn’t have one, and as money is collected, I will be sending it him in the form of bank certified check, mailed 2-day USPS priority to get it to him as soon as possible. I am beginning with this one older gentleman in desperate need and intend to start over once we have found him a home and given him a boost. There I still a whole community suffering in similar ways that I intend to help, too!

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and for any single dollar you give to this terrible situation and God bless you all!