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Artist Material – Unleashing Creative Genius In Central London

London, United Kingdom Jun 6, 2024 ( – Artist Material, the premier art supply haven nestled in the heart of Chiswick, is proud to announce its unparalleled collection of tools and materials for artists of all levels and genres. With a meticulously curated selection from the world’s most renowned brands, Artist Material is set to revolutionise the creative landscape in central London.

Artist Material has ensured that each stroke is full of vigour and precision, from oily paint strokes packed with buttery richness to acrylic colours brimming with vibrancy. Their well-curated paint collection has been made by notable producers who have blended each colour painstakingly. These pigments have been put together to create a picture on your canvas.

Art materials catering to both beginners and professionals

Artist Material’s stores provide supplies for professional artists and serve beginners desperate to start being artists. Anyone new gets advice from experienced employees, which could be vital in shopping for art materials and selecting an expert who understands everything you want regarding specifics like style or objective.

Artist Material’s selection is tailored to please customers who might be confused about where and how to begin their drawings. They provide a wide range of canvas choices that perfectly support your masterpiece.

Extensive Collection Of Foam Boards

Their vast collection of foam boards offers a versatile and lightweight alternative to standard canvases. In an artist’s world, you should always have these foam boards on hand for your sketching needs, mounting, and displaying pictures.

Apart from art paints and surfaces, one would find everything in the Artist Material for their artwork. Look into the well-curated catalogue of brushes, each handmade so as not to leave any marks while moving over the canvas evenly. Treat yourself with drawing tools, from expensive graphite pencils to charcoals and pastels meant to draw delicate shadows and lines of any complexity unnoticed. 

Products OfferedPainting Tools: 

They have spray paints like oils, acrylic paint, gouache, watercolours, egg tempera, and flash (vinyl-based paint). Each medium has its qualities and possibilities, allowing you to experiment and find the best fit for yourself artistically.

Drawing Tools:

But paint tools are just a starting point. Everybody knows that it is essential for every artist to have all the necessary tools going forward. They offer a drawing essentials department with pencils, pastels, and markers that provide unmatched depth and accuracy to give life to your sketches and illustrations. Pencils include everything from soft charcoal graphite to well-crafted precision options. Pastels are available with intense colours, markers, and pen types ranging from technical illustrations to expressive brushstrokes.


For those who use brushes like soul extension lines, the brush selection by Artist Material is impeccable. Delight yourself in luxurious Kolinsky sable brushes from the renowned Series 7 range, or opt for pocket-friendly but quality Pro Arte Value Brushes. Get solid goat hair wash brush packs, seamless blending graduates, and synthetic brushes for acrylics. Whether you’re a watercolourist, an oil painter or an acrylic enthusiast, there’s a brush type to capture each nuance and stroke. 


Inks bring you deeper into its world and open up a captivating range of calligraphy, drawing, and watercolour alternatives. Acrylic inks introduce new media dimensions along with vibrant colour exploration. Learn how to do time-honoured calligraphy using well-crafted inks or grab dedicated inks just for watercolours where we can express ourselves through the subtleties of this technique.


Their craft section offers more than traditional mediums. It includes items like fabric paints, which breathe life into textiles; glass paint encompasses ceramic paint, too, aside from porcelain paint, which transforms standard surfaces into exceptional works of art.


The paper selection from Artist Material appeals to those who are satisfied with touching delicate surfaces at work. They provide a range of art pads, including drawing/sketching, oil/acrylic/pastel, and watercolour blocks or pads, which one can use to express creativity. 


In addition, Artist Material has a wide selection of easels that suit the needs of all artists when they are setting up their workplaces. They have portable field easels for plein air painting lovers or sturdy adjusting easels used in studios by artists looking to enhance their creativity.

Artist Material proudly partners with some of the most renowned brands in the art world, including Winsor & Newton, Daler Rowney, Pebeo, GOLDEN, Caran D’Ache, Liquitex, Bob Ross, ProArte, Schmincke, and Faber Castell, ensuring that you have access to the finest materials and tools available.

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Source :Chiswick Arts and Crafts Ltd.

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