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Thanks for checking us out, Without support from makers, and creative people like yourselves our dream may not become a reality. We are asking for donations any amount will help, but all proceeds go towards our dream of getting a space.

How your donation helps. As of right now we are a scattered collective working out of Second & Charles and garages of people who are willing to allow us some small space.

But there is hope, with each donation we are dollars closer to getting the space we need to provide education, tools, equipment and more.

What is the B.O.R.G? It’s a dream, an idea, it is a non-profit aiming to be Maker-Space.

We aim to provide tools, equipment, education, and more to those who don’t have a space or may not be able to afford expensive tools and equipment but has talent or looking to learn said talents.

The B.O.R.G. also aim to provide S.T.E.M education in which kids who don’t have access to things can come with parental supervision and learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

With each donation a Lego like brick gets printed with the amount and donors name. So we can put it in our space when our goal is achieved. Each Brick will be clear with LED Lights placed behind them so everyone can see how we started from the ground up with support from people like you.

Donate today and help us make our dream a reality. With your support we can keep our belief going “ With the right tools and right people, anything is possible.”

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