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GoFundME Send Giselle to Yoga Teacher Training Viral Exposure ZumaFunder.com Booster

Hi everyone! The school that I am creating this campaign to attend is the Intergral Yoga Institute. Class begins Sept 7th 2019 and runs through until December 15, 2019. It is for my 200 hour level 1 certification. I will use the knowledge gained at the institution to help all folks, but my passion is your inner city, urban soul or adolescent who may not have access to this work. My dream is to bring this knowledge of meditation, postures, alignment and wellness to those who need it most and I will deliver. Thank you, sincerely, for reading.

i’m on my mat. lately it’s the only place i’ve been able to find sanctuary. the place i’ve been able to shut all the voices off, step back from the pressures and just be. i inhale deeply. sweet oxygen. here on my mat i have the chance to be mindful of something simple and completely overlooked; my breath. i’m here, on this planet, at this current time in space and i get to check in. i exhale. and with that breath goes some of the ridiculous things my mind tends to obsess over. inhale and exhale, deeper this time and look, there go some more of the things i can’t control. i wave goodbye. my mind and body connect, they are yoked. we. the asanas. i feel the vigor of this body as i perform. strong limbs like those of a grandmother willow. i’m in tree pose. i’m growing and i belong here. i flow through my postures, instinctually. mind, body, yoked. flowing. together. until i bring myself into the safety of child’s pose. the earth, she is supporting my weight, as i’m able to just dwell in peace. i’m thankful. i come off my mat, and my heart feels so warm, my body is in a state of calm exhilaration. i know now, my purpose is to bring this work to my tribe. a sense of community for those who’ve never experienced a link. let’s journey together. i’m grateful. for those who took the time to read this and to those able to make a contribution know that a blessing will be returned to you as well. those who cannot offer monetary support, please, words of encouragement will go a loooonnnng way so send those instead. namaste love and light, faerie.

For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/sendfaerietoyogateachertraining?utm_medium=copy_link&utm_source=customer&utm_campaign=p_na+share-sheet&rcid=814bbf8a422f4f50b478b2ba9c28eec8

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