Chaos & Cusswords Start Up Funding GoFundME Campaign

Everyone becomes frustrated or angry at times and wants to toss their phones against the wall or take a bat and smash the office printer at work. If we’re honest, we’ve all wanted to take a hammer to that noisy kids’ toy that grandma bought little Jimmy last Christmas.

What stops us? Mostly it is the stigma of losing our temper and the thought of having to replace expensive things. It’s obvious that people need a better way to relieve stress that’s not destructive to their own property or worse yet, to anyone else….There’s a new kind of therapy cropping up around the country and it’s all the rage. For anyone feeling a bit stressed or like they have a case of the winter blues, now there’s a new way to vent frustration….Rage Rooms! Our Answer is Caffeine, Chaos&Cusswords, llc!

By being mobile, we can come to our customers in a business or private setting. Our mobile rage room will allow for stress relief, team building and will provide a much needed morale boost in today’s hectic world. It will be therapeutic and fun!

The concept is simple: Within a certain time period, customers can smash, kick and throw just about anything. There is a time and place for everything, the saying goes, and now there’s a place to go when you’re so angry you’d just love to hurl a vase.

My Partner and I would like to bring our version of “SMASH THERAPY” to the market. We are female entrepreneurs who just want to live the American dream, and only need a little support to have our dream come true. We are seeking to raise $10,000 for the purchase of a box truck to operate our business. Any amount, even $1.00, gets us closer to opening day!

Thank you and God Bless!

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