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start up business GoFundME ViralExposure.us Campaign

I am a retired navy cook on veteran’s disability would like to have something to get out of bed to keep me going I am about to go for my 9th hernia surgery and since April I have lost 70 lbs had to get out of be this is a dream I have wanted for years and I am trying to achieve this.

I am looking at acquiring a restaurant so that I can give back and instruct young cooks to achieve what they are looking for and promote and inspire them to go further and help those that want to move head with their lives with real knowledge of the direction that is best for them

I would be looking to start this adventure as soon as I could get funded before the restaurant is sold.

In the Navy I always enjoyed showing the young cooks how to cook and what they needed to move foreword in the military it is what I took the most pride in as well as today I am showing my friends how to maneuver how to best get help in the veteran’s disability system

I am forever looking for new things to help like in April I ended a 2 year goal I set and donated my hair to the children’s cancer ward

I would love nothing more than to continue to help others and would be so grateful to continue to support my community and inspire the next generation to set goal’s and show them how to get them


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/ktk4u-start-up-business

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