Garvey tubman center GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

This fundraising campaign has been launched to unsure that we can provide a Cultural Center, space of our own that will serve as a multi-use facility and community hub, which provided enrichment programming for our children, and fosters inter-community collaboration. Through partnership with a local church and restaurants in the community, Summer Art Camps, Jazz Sundays, and Documentary Movie Nites were conducted.

We as a collective have a history of working with children and adolescents struggling with a range of challenges resulting from family, peer, school and other societal pressures.

African-American children require a viable support system that speaks to their, Educational, Emotional and Cultural needs. Far too many have the lowest grade point averages, the highest dropout and suspension rates, and are most likely the victims of violence and neglect.

Program participants are exposed to a variety of art forms, learn to more confidently express themselves and learn the value of group cooperation.

Students of all ages who participate in art programs show academic progress, are encouraged to think creatively, lends itself to critical thinking and inventiveness, benefiting them in their adult lives with the use of creative writing, spoken word, dance and music a powerful platform is put into play that provides the language to explore one’s trauma narrative.

We now understand that youth who have experienced trauma at home or in their communities may resort to self-help methods in an effort to feel safe, carrying weapons, engaging in physical conflict, joining gangs, and self -medication with drugs or alcohol.

Creating a safe, uplifting environment is the primary focus of what we do to engage our youth and community, where all are treated with respect.


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