Church and Bible Education Building GoFundMe Booster IDIDIT Promotion Campaign

Thank you for visiting this page and May God’s grace and mercy be with you whether you donate or not.. Jesus loves you..

This is my attempt to help assist my church in acquiring or possible constructing a place we and many others can call home. it will be a sanctuary and a heaven for people from all walks of life and most importantly for the homless, helpless, mothers and children , the sick, the poor, any one in need of any kind of assistant.

it will also be a place for individuals intersted and studying the bible and getting closer to God and maybe  considering a life in the pullpit as i like to call it..

At the moment we are worshipiing and studying at my pastors house and although he doesnt mind i do realise the need for him and his family to have some space..

Thank you for stopping by and may God fulfill all your hearts desires according to his word.

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