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CNBC Global Investment Competition Welcomes Notable Figure: Rohan Joshi, Chief Strategy Analyst from India, Joins to Share Value Growth with the World Through Finance

On May 30, the global investment community was once again stirred by the highly anticipated CNBC Global Investment Competition. This year’s competition has drawn significant attention, unveiling a heavyweight in the financial world—Rohan Joshi, Chief Strategy Analyst from India. His participation brings renewed excitement and anticipation among global investors.

As a key figure in the CNBC Global Investment Competition, Rohan Joshi holds an MBA from Wharton School, University of Hull, USA, and degrees in Finance and Accounting from Georgetown University. With 40 years of investment experience, his exceptional investment skills and extensive practical experience have earned him widespread acclaim in the global investment market, boasting a broad influence and a robust client base.

In the past decade, Rohan Joshi has successfully leveraged his investment influence to attract investors from the US, UK, Germany, Canada, and other countries to the Indian stock market, infusing it with substantial capital. As of 2024, foreign investors contribute over 30% of the trading funds in the Indian stock market, highlighting Joshi’s significant role and impact in this market.


As an investment expert, Rohan Joshi is known for his distinctive investment style focused on short-term returns. He achieved an impressive record of maintaining daily stock profit increases of over 10% for three consecutive months, showcasing his exceptional investment capabilities. His success stems from his commitment to serving clients and sharing value, striving to create more wealth and opportunities through technological innovation and financial services.


The CNBC Global Investment Competition is a highly anticipated event attracting outstanding investors from around the world. This year’s competition will conclude on December 15, 2024, with winners determined by votes and performance. Besides the honor, the prize pool is highly attractive, with the top winner receiving $10 billion in managed funds, and the second and third place receiving $5 billion and $3 billion, respectively.


Notably, Rohan Joshi’s participation is expected to intensify the competition, making it more exciting and competitive. Alongside Joshi, top investment institutions, renowned traders, and outstanding investors from around the world will compete for the glory and rewards of this prestigious event. The competition promises to spark new investment strategies, trading techniques, and financial insights, bringing more surprises and inspirations to the global investment community.


As the CNBC Global Investment Competition unfolds, all eyes will be on Rohan Joshi to see if he can demonstrate his prowess and provide more insights and reflections to the global financial world. Both media and investors have expressed keen interest and will be closely following the developments.





New Delhi, India


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