College is Expensive

Hello Everyone! I am a student at Northern Illinois. I have finished three years with much determination and a GPA of a 3.2. My dream is to work in the field of animation and video game design. Unfortunately, it’s very expensive being a college student.

I’m having a lot of trouble find work. I wanted to be self-sufficient and earn my own money for tuition and supplies to save my family the trouble. I’ve applied for many jobs and went through a ton of interviews. My interview skills have improved a lot over the summer, but I’m still having trouble landing a job.

I had postponed my enrollment in photography for two years because the tools I need are expensive, but I can’t keep postponing. I also have to worry about video class and room and board this year. I am expected to pay $500 for an SLR camera for photography class, $300 for SLR Film camera for Video class, and $2200 for residency.

I feel awful for having to ask you all to help me pay for my education, but I will be extremely grateful for any amount you are able to donate.