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Support Prospective International Student Kamesha, Whose Dreams Of Being A Lawyer Are Being Threatened To Be Aborted By OSAP!

Hello, my name is Kamesha Wint and I currently live in Ontario, Canada. I am in my early 20’s and my biggest dream I would like to pursue is to become a Lawyer. From the age of 10 I decided that I wanted to become a lawyer. I did not know much about law, but I knew that it was a way to help people.  During my pre- teens and teenage years, I slowly found myself watching law-based programs.  I felt a sense of triumph seeing victims being vindicated and burning desire to help those who did not receive justice.  Practicing law could accomplish that goal of helping people suffering for injustices.

In order to accomplish my dream, I have to complete a Bachelor’s Degree Program at a university which offers the degree requirements. I applied to a University in Ontario twice and didn’t receive acceptance so I decided to obtain my Degree at Anglia Ruskin University in the program Crime and Investigative Studies. This university is in England, Cambridge; which is miles away from home.

have received acceptance to Anglia Ruskin University. Due to the fact that I will become an international student my tuition ($21,000.00), books ($300.00), rent ($14,000.00) and daily expenses ($10,000.00) per year will cost a pretty penny. With that being said I applied for OSAP for financial assistance with the intent of receiving full funding. I am dependent on OSAP because I come from a low-income family. Recently, OSAP informed me due to me studying abroad they will only fund me $210 a week each study period. The amount OSAP is funding me can not nearly cover my finances for a 4-year degree program.

OSAP gave me hope initially by saying YES to funding, now my bags are packed and my ticket is purchased for university in Cambridge and their answer is NO! I have already paid a deposit for my accommodations on campus. I am a young female full of ambition and determination and I will not make OSAP abort my dreams.

My heart desires are to study abroad not only for the experience but it is also a great opportunity for my career path. In addition, I will return back to Canada and do my due diligence to give back to my country. I am reaching out to anyone who is willing to hear my story because I am in desperate need of financial help!

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