New Smile Billy Walsh GoFundME Boost CrowdFunding Campaign

My wife has given everything for me and our kids. She’s put herself last over and over again. She has a severe dental problem and it’s making her extremely depressed. She doesn’t eat, in pain all the time,doesn’t go out and meet people.  She fought dental anxiety for years but now has that under control.

There’s been a lot of medical issues between my daughter (cancer and ulcerative colitis) and I (diabetes, ptsd,shoulder surgery and the list goes on). So her care has been put off time and again.Her dream is to go to David and Associates in Florida for the D5 ultra express. She needs the upper implants because of the way the roof of her mouth is shaped it wouldn’t be easy to hold it there.

There is no way I can afford that treatment so I figured I would try here. She refuses to have her picture taken.  I want her smile back. If needed I can see if David  & Associates would open an account there if your more comfortable with that.

Thank you !

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