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Veteran Bob “Doc” Holland needs help

Let me begin by saying thank you for taking the time to stop and read this… Robert “Bob” Holland, husband, father, grandfather, brother, father in law and Patriot are amongst the few things we call this great man! I never thought nor did I ever want to think I would have to do something like this. Usually my family is private and deals with the hands we are dealt but I can’t sit back and let this man go through this, Bob has been diagnosed with Bladder Cancer. Bladder Cancer you say oh thats not too bad, you can recover from that, true unless it has invaded the lymph nodes and the muscular system like it has with my father in law. Now I’m not saying that miracles cant happen and the power of faith and prayer will play a big part he just needs the best doctors and treatment so he can watch his grandchildren graduate High School and College, continue to be proud of his Daughter and Son and grow old with his Bride. This is a man who was known in Vietnam as “Doc” a man that sacrificed his own safety to save others. As a Corpsman in the Navy, Bob was attached to multiple Marine Corps units during his multiple tours of duty he’s a decorated solider that was shot a total of 7 times that earned him 3 Purple Hearts and a Silver Star. Along with this he later sacrificed 35 years of many miles, time and sleep for work as a Plumber with Local 78 for The City of Los Angeles to make sure his family was taken care of. So then came time for him to trust in someone else to save him and he was failed. For the last 11 months Bob lived through immense pain, continuous bleeding multiple X-rays, cat scans and blood work just to be told by the VA he had ” a lot of stuff” in his bladder and we will get to you sometime. One day the pain over whelmed Bob and he stopped having the ability to urinate so he ended up at Loma Linda Hospital with a catheter, 9 days later he was in for exploratory surgery and 2 weeks from then we were handed the news. I didn’t know what to set the amount at so I went for the sky for the best for Bob. I’m willing to do anything and everything I can to save this man! Besides doctors, treatments and experimental endeavors I want him to have hope, lift up his spirits, revive his heart and have his life saved! Thank you for your time and for your donation…

For more info: http://gofundme.com/bob-quotdocquot-holland

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