Please donate to help my wife GoFundME Campaign

My name is Andrew I am writing this so that you will donate to help me and my family in the struggles that we are having financially I am married with 3 wonderful kids an a beautiful wife .  My wife was brought here from Mexico as a baby her parents never got her legal status but she went thru school got her high school diploma.

We have been married 10 years an still are trying to get her legal status We have paid many lawyers over the years just to still be in the same spot . Trumps reign of terror on illegals is making life  very hard and expensive. Then to add to our already crazy life my wife has cervical cancer we went to have it removed but when tested after having it removed it came back worst so now she has to go in for hysterectomy  which I was told is somewhat common surgery but has we all know any surgery is scary an costly. We are already living life on credit cards an loans to pay back those credit cards . My insurance wont cover my wife’s surgery. She is trying to tell me its ok doesn’t need to do it till we can afford to pay for it which is crazy I told her.

I love my wife more then anyone in this world she has helped me stop using and to deal with the issues I have from growing up in foster care and the things that go along with that. she helped me realize that I was meant to be more an do more then what I was doing . now I am 10 years haven’t even touch the stuff she and my kids give me the only reason I need to get out of bed in the morning go an make a honest dollar and come home to my family. but now I don’t know how we will pay for all of these things she needs  to have done on top of the lawyers  so that’s is why I am here asking for help I am a proud man an it takes a lot for me to ask for help but at the same time I will do anything I can to keep my wife right here with her family that needs her here and healthy because god knows I cant do it with out her.

The funds will be used for her medical bills ,prescription ,legal fees , an bills that may pile up while on recovery your support will help are family more then could ever be put into words

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