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Obama, McCain Camps Go Head to Head on Issues Online

2008-07-24 07:30:00

Obama, McCain Camps Go Head to Head on Issues Online

New Media Company Gets Opponents to Air Both Sides To Help Consumers

Make an Election Decision

LOS ANGELES–(EMWNews)–Faced with the question, Who has the right

plan for Americas economy?

presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama are going

head-to-head on election issues at

With the presidential election drawing closer and Americas

financial woes getting worse every day, the new debate site provides a

forum for voters to learn about the issues and to see the major

campaigns engage each other.

Users can go to and read each campaigns

response to questions posed by the sites

editorial board. Obama Economic Advisor Jason Furman and McCain Senior

Advisor Taylor Griffin are making the case for their respective

campaigns, allowing voters to plainly see what each side has to offer.

In a current debate posted on the site, Furman touts Obamas

commitment to middle class families, promising tax cuts for working

families, fair trade and green jobs, among other things. Griffin says

McCain will give relief from high gas prices by suspending the federal

gas tax and eliminate wasteful spending by eliminating earmarks and

vetoing pork-barrel spending bills. Both camps will be posting responses

to the others arguments.

This debate exemplifies the need for a site

like this, said Russell Fine, founder and

CEO of Opposing Views. It gives consumers a

chance to see direct interaction between the two campaigns. Theres

nowhere else they can get that on the Web.

In addition to political debates, Opposing Views features more than 100

experts and organizations debating important issues such as gun control,

same-sex marriage, euthanasia, free trade and religion.

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The Bohle Company


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