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Eco-Lawn Defies Drought, Water Rationing

2008-08-04 12:00:00

Eco-Lawn Defies Drought, Water Rationing

Eco-Lawn Defies Drought, Water Rationing

Wildflower Farm Blend Ideally Suited for Thirsty California


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California may be in the grips of its worst drought in 20 years, but homeowners won’t have to forego one of the major amenities of suburban life: a green, lush lawn.

Wildflower Farm’s Eco-Lawn, a proprietary blend of seven fine fescue grasses chosen for drought tolerance and minimal care requirements, provides an environmentally sound alternative to landscaping with native shrubs and cacti. Eco-Lawn allows homeowners to maintain a healthy green lawn while simultaneously conserving water and foregoing fertilizers, pesticides and frequent mowing.

“This is the logical landscaping choice for the 21st Century,” said Miriam Goldberger, the president of Wildflower Farm. “Eco-Lawn produces a thick, handsome turf, and it requires minimal effort and resources to maintain. It’s the right lawn for an environmentally stressed world.”

A standard Kentucky bluegrass or perennial rye lawn requires one to two inches of water a week. For a 1,000 square foot lawn, that amounts to more than 100,000 thousand gallons of water a year. Eco-Lawn, however, requires minimal watering. In central and southern California, no more than 17,500 gallons of water are necessary for a 1,000 square foot Eco-Lawn from April through October, and only 25,600 gallons for the whole year.

Like all turf blends, Eco-Lawn is best sown in the fall. In California, planting can proceed from November through early December. During its first year, Eco-Lawn will need some regular watering to help it get established; but by its second year of growth, Eco-Lawn will only require minimal watering – even during periods of drought.

Eco-Lawn is drought tolerant for two reasons. First, it produces grass blades that are extremely thin. Typical lawn grass varieties have thick, succulent blades that require a great deal of water to maintain turf structure and health. The thin blades of Eco-Lawn’s fescues are less susceptible to drought. Eco-Lawn also has exceptionally deep root systems. Most lawns support roots a few inches in length, necessitating frequent and copious watering. When established, Eco-Lawn’s roots penetrate up to nine inches in hardpan clay and 14 inches in sandy soils, siphoning up residual subterranean moisture throughout the growing season.

Drier lawns also mean fewer lawn pests. June beetles flourish in moist lawns, and their grubs can cause significant damage to established turf. Because Eco-Lawn thrives in dry soils, June beetles and their grubs cannot become established. Pesticides therefore are not required for Eco-Lawn care – an incalculable value to any family with children or pets.

Eco-Lawn’s deep roots also eliminate the need for fertilizing and weed control; the extensive root system obtains all the nutrients the lawn needs without supplementary feeding or herbicide applications. Finally, Eco-Lawn requires minimal mowing – no more than once a month during the summer, compared to once a week for Kentucky bluegrass and perennial rye lawns.

Reduced watering, no fertilizers or pesticides minimal mowing – it all adds up to a lawn that makes economic as well as environmental sense. According to a study conducted by Wildflower Farm, a 1,000 square foot lawn planted to traditional blends costs $8,075 to install and maintain over a ten-year period. By comparison, the installation and maintenance costs for an Eco-Lawn over the same period of time are $1,500 – a savings of $6,575.

“In my opinion drought tolerant turf is one of the best landscaping choices you can make,” said Michael Brooks, the president of Resource Management Strategies, a consulting firm specializing in water conservation issues.

“These kinds of seed blends produce lawns that are both beautiful and extremely drought tolerant,” Brooks said. “Private homeowners, business complexes and municipalities should all take advantage of them. I consult globally, and I recommend them to clients wherever water availability is an issue.”

About Wildflower Farm:

Located near Coldwater, Ontario, Wildflower Farm is a horticultural company specializing in environmentally friendly products and sustainable landscaping techniques. In addition to Eco-Lawn, Wildflower Farm offers a wide variety of seed blends from native wildflowers and grasses; none of our products are derived from genetically modified organisms.

Wildflower Farm products are sold at selected retailers throughout North America, with U.S. sales processed through our warehouse and fulfillment facility in New York State. For more information, go on-line to or call 1-866-476-9453.

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