Selati Fireteam GoFundME Booster Promotion CrowdFunding Campaign

Our Fire Fighting Team is a non-profit organisation, such as many other volunteer fire departments and rescue squads, your donation will allow as to be the best in our area.
That’s where you come in. Your donations will help keep these men and women doing the job which will help improve the lives of countless Farmers. In the event of disaster the Fire Team will be available to do their job, safe and to their best ability in bringing fires under control. As you know with the rising inflation and equipment costs we rely on Companies as yourself to assist us in equip ting these men and women with the right gear to assist in firefighting.
We are in need of firefighting PPE
• Fire Fighting Tactical Gloves * Fire Fighting Leather Boots
• Fire Fighting Coats * Fire Fighting Pants
• Fire Fighting Shirts * Fire Fighting Interceptor Hood
• Fire Fighting Fire Gas Masks * Fire Protection Blankets
• Fire Protection Goggles * Fire Protection Helmets
Every year Selati takes these expenses as its own responsibly in helping controlling bush fires in the surrounding area. The truck and all its expenses Selati will still maintain, also take the responsibility on to train these two sets of teams to supply them with the fire extinguishers, hoses and firefighting mats as in the past.
Since we are unable to furnish this task ourselves, we request you to kindly donate generously for us. Your donation towards this project would be beneficial to both of us. For your convenience, we can talk about its terms and conditions that would run mutually. I look forward for a positive response from your side.

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