Single Dad Needs Help GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

This is my best friend Fred. He is the single dad of two beautiful little girls named Keatyn and Tamzyn.They have just moved into their own apartment, and are in dire need of money for rent, bills, furniture, and all the other things that are required to make a house a home. His soon-to-be-ex-wife was very abusive, cheated on him, and then eventually left him and their daughters. Fred is unable to work due to Fibromyalgia. His ex makes $4000 a week, yet refuses to pay child support or help out in any way.

Fred is an amazing, good, kind person and has been my best friend for 6 years now. Absolutely NOBODY I know is more deserving of a good new life than him and his daughters.

Please help me give it to them!!!

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