Viki Short Move 6 Year Old Heart Patient Near DR GoFundME ViralExposure Campaign

My GoFundMe donations will go towards moving expenses for my grandson Gavin. Gavin is six years old and has already been resuscitated nine times. Gavin was born prematurely and weighed less than four pounds. He was diagnosed with Childhood Heart Disease, also known as CHD. You may have heard about this same condition from Jimmy Kimmel. His son was born with CHD as well.

My main goal is to get Gavin moved closer to his doctors, his hospital CHOC, and just as important, close to the first responders and ER staff trained to save him when, NOT IF, he has another heart attack. Yes, a six year old child has had three heart attacks!

Gavin’s family lives in a tiny town out in the desert. The last time Gavin had a heart attack the help he needed was delayed because the 911 operator thought a call about a six year old having a heart attack was a crank call. He was lucky to survive!

My husband (Poppy To Gavin) and I are able to provide half of the funds needed to move to Orange County. It’s not cheap to live there but it’s whete Gavin needs to be to live at all!

To anyone who can help us we thank you from the bottom of Gavin’s little big heart!

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