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Hello everyone, my name is Jacira and I ask 2 min of your time to check my story and help me share. All I want is be able to pursuit my post graduation studies but I have no means, my mom and sister are very sick and I believe my studies can help find new cures and development to help them and millions of people. Just want someone to believe in me


Hello everyone, not sure if people will read my story, but I hope you do.

My name is Jacira, I am 26 years old, and you might be asking why is this girl asking for our help for her education.

Well I though that you may correlate to me somehow, and help me anyway you can.

Since i was a little kid, my life was never how wanted to be. I am not complaining, as i had food and a roof to live, nevertheless, my parents had big issue in showing affection. I had to find a purpose in life when I was just a little kid.

My mother would beat me for the smallest reasons, and I do not need to go in details as this is not the point. What i want to say is that i had all reasons in life to be against the world and be a rebel or something. But God was always by my side and showing me that i meant for something bigger,

Again you might be asking, why is this important. While kid I found my purpose in life when I developed love for something that most people really wouldn’t think is important – knowledge, research, life itslef.

For me studying was everything, most people study because they parents want, but in my case I was doing it because i liked it. I wanted to know everything, research about everything. the world.

Then I learned about chemistry, biology, and physics, my God, the best things in life.

My life always was dreaming about becoming a medical researcher because I feel like i was born to develop something that will help humanity. I know i have the brain for it, but I do not have the economical ways to go further.

I am Angolan, and if you search it, my country is a non-developed country, and I will be sincere with you, people like me are not welcome because we are thinkers, and in my country only corruptions is important. The big leaders prefer to send their kids to study abroad, which they do not study but spends thousands of dollars partying, and people like me ,that want a change for once, are neglected.

Probably you stopped reading already, but i will continue.

When I was 17 years, i was able to get funds raised for me to go the university in United States with a full scholarship  and everything paid. I did chemical engineering and graduated with Honor (3.8 GPA). I was the only black and African girl in my entire school doing the course, and still graduated with honor.


My professors until today send me emails and keep in touch, because they said they never met someone so determined like me. Especially a foreign, which would get grades much higher than any other african student they had.


When i graduated, I even was offered a scholarship to go to Oxford university to work on the research area for my PHD. However, I was not able to accept that amazing opportunity because my mother got really sick and she was in Angola, so i had to return to help my family.

I left my dreams behind, got a job and at that time the country got in a very bad economical crisis. The money is never enough, proverty just got worse, illness are spread everywhere.

I have to sustain my family because my mother can no longer work, she got depressed, and I am her only company. My sister has  a very rare illness which makes her very weak  and is always sick, so I need to look after her to. They are everything to me.

With time I developed a big depression, because I still feel that my path is to do something big for humanity for them, I want to find cure for illnesses, i know it sounds crazy, but even with people telling me you are crazy and my own mother do not believe in me, my heart does not let me give up.

My country does not have the conditions for me to pursuit my education further.

I finally have decided that I cannot give up, i meant to do something great for many people suffering, but I do not have the money to do so and i come to you.

My goal is to pursuit first my Master degree in bioengineering and Nano system. This will open the doors for the future, as one day I wanna be able to have a lab built in my country for medical researcher and even possibly a pharmaceutical industry and help the million of people in Angola and who know even Africa.

Crazy, i know I am crazy.

The money i am asking is based on the following:
1. Schools expenses (Tuition) – 20.000 USD
2. Ticket form Angola – 2.000 USD
3. Live expenses for 2 years – 28.000 USD (including a cheap renting)

During this time, I will try to get a part time job to save money for my PHD. I know school will be very hard but I need to get my PHD as well for the purpose I am aiming.

This is not about the money, I do not want to be rich, i want to make a difference. I want someone that believes in me.

My plan is to go in Fall 2019, if i have the means until then.

If you can help me, even cents will be appreciated, I would not let you guys down, I promise.


For more info: http://https://www.gofundme.com/posgraduation-dreams