Explore, Discover and Grow – 104 x 10 min videos IndieGoGo Campaign

Can your child be educated AND entertained at the same time? Of course they can, and they will be with this 104-part video series created by the original Yellow Wiggle, Greg Page!

So much children’s TV today neglects to engage the WHOLE child – being a passive observer is very different from being an ACTIVE PARTICIPANT – let us engage your child so they can EXPLORE, DISCOVER AND GROW!


Explore, Discover and Grow is a curriculum-based educational program that utilizes the key philosophies of Early Childhood education (such as play, interactive and immersive experiences and the whole child) and applies them to an entertaining format whereby your child can benefit from this ten minute, twice-weekly video series.  The program comes with teaching notes that outline key outcomes for children, as well as  teaching notes and suggested activities that can extend learning into other areas.


Watch the video below to hear Greg explain how segments of Explore, Discover and Grow will help develop ALL 5 selves of your whole child.

Even a seemingly “simple” song can cater to all 5 selves of the child, simulating a play experience.  To watch children interacting with one of the songs from Explore, Discover and Grow, and hear Greg explain how one of his songs can assist in developing all 5 selves of your child, watch the video below:

Not that we have seen – we are not saying there aren’t!  We just haven’t seen every app/game available for a child. Interactive apps/games don’t mean that the whole child is being engaged. Fingers might move to make gestures on a screen, but what about gross motor skills?  Do these apps and games get them crawling, jumping, running, and dancing? We back our project to be a top quality educational resource for you to introduce to your child! That’s why if we don’t meet our funding goal, it will still be produced!  And if we value your child that much, shouldn’t you too?

Looking at preschoolers from a child development point of view, they are egocentric, meaning that they see things from their own point of view, and like it when they are the centre of your attention – and that is not a bad thing, it’s just a part of their development phase.  So, in order to engage them, we will produce Explore, Discover and Grow in a way that will appeal to that aspect of their development and heavily involve them in the show!  This is actually really good for their self-esteem and emotional development!

Explore, Discover and Grow heavily features music, making it GOOD FOR CHILDREN DIAGNOSED WITH ASD!

This program is for all children, but based on research we have done and Greg’s own first-hand feedback from his work with The Wiggles, we believe it could have particular positive results for children who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  There is a lot of research about the role of music in therapy for children, but also particularly for children with ASD, a program such as this can improve social behaviors, increase focus and attention, increase communication attempts (vocalizations, verbalizations, gestures, and vocabulary), reduce anxiety, and improve body awareness and coordination.

Because sadly, TV networks have shifted away from a focus on educational content and moved more toward advertising dollars raised through toy sales, and kickbacks from them.  Networks say they want 80% entertainment and only 20% education. Some networks just flat out say they are not an educational network – and you’d be surprised who said that!

Also sadly, a lot of TV executives do not seem to understand early childhood educational principles, about the egocentric, whole child, and how they think, and what they need to develop. If they do, then from discussions we have had with them, it seems it is not a priority for them.

….in fact, it means you need to step up and help fill that void – just as we are doing!



The program is delivered twice a week via a streaming platform that you will be given access to once the program is funded and the content is produced.  You can log on at any time throughout the year and access the content that has been uploaded previously – so, by the end of the year, you will have access to the full set of 104 videos – AND BECAUSE YOU BACKED US, IF WE REACH OUR GOAL – YOU WILL GET ANY ADDITIONAL CONTENT CREATED FOR YEAR TWO FOR FREE! 

Content is themed so that each video focuses on a different area of interest.  We use these themes to deliver the concepts from the core curriculum areas in ways that are varied, engaging, fun and challenging, thus producing the best result from your child!


For more info: http://https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/explore-discover-and-grow-104-x-10-min-videos#/