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8-Bit Annual 2019 Celebrates New Games for Old Hardware in an Eye-Dazzling 200+ Page Full Colour Annual


Melbourne, Australia – April 6, 2019 – 8-Bit Annual 2019 celebrates new games with over 200 pages, 8-Bit Annual 2019 is HUGE! It is the second printed book covering all new 8 bit home computer and console released home brew and commercial games from 2018, by the 8 Bit Annual team. Included is many features, game developer interviews and more than 150 game reviews on Atari, Atari 2600, NES, SEGA, Amstrad CPC, C64, MSX, BBC Micro and MSX. Each 8-Bit machine is given as much content as possible. Below is just a sample of the many games reviewed.

For the Amstrad CPC games reviewed include: Top Top, Dawn of Kernel, World War Simulator Part 2, Galactic Tomb, Robbie Strikes Back, The Shadows of Sergoth, Operation Alexandria, Jarlac and Earth Defender.

For the C64 games reviewed include: Shadow Switcher, Aviator Arcade II, L’Abbaye Des Morts, Space Monguls, Hunter’s Moon Remastered, Rocky Memphis & The Legend of Atlantis, International Karate Ultimate, Portal C64, and Speedball Duology.

For the ZX Spectrum games reviewed include: Ninja Gaiden: Shadow Warriors, Gimmick! Gandalf, Roust, Harbinger 2: The Void, Nixy: The Glade Sprite and O.P.Z.

For the MSX games reviewed include: Tragical Chase, Inq and Suq vs Nightmare, Draconic Throne and Shoulder Blade Overdrive.

For the Atari 8-Bit games reviewed include: Stunt Car Racer, Jack the Nipper, Skooldaze.

For the BBC Micro games reviewed include: Prince of Persia, Phoenix, Centipede, Maze of Madness, The Darkness of Raven Wood.

For the Atari 2600 games reviewed include: Alf, Alien Attack, Mappy, Asteroid Rescue, Alien Revenge, Asteroid Belt, Astronomer, Baby, High Score Screen Burn Slow Burn, NeXion 3D, Pickle, Robo-Ninja Climb, Scramble, Skee-Ball, Space Game, Super Cobra Arcade, Tyre Trax, Spies in the Night, Balloon Trip, Plague, Sword of Surtr, Birds and Beans, Beeware, Sheep It Up, Dungeon II: Solstice, Monkey King, Peril, Knight Guy.

For the Sega Master System games reviewed include: Flight of Pigarus, Gemitas, Little Sokoban, Silver Valley, Prisonnier II, Galactic Revenge.

For the NES games reviewed include: Nova The Squirrel, Cheril the Writer, Yun V5.

The Kickstarter for the impressive hardback book has been live for just over 10 days and has already reached the target goal. Now they are striving to reach the stretch goals, so get on board and grab your copy of this fantastic, amazing, incredible retro gaming book at this link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/8bitmagazine/8-bit-annual-2019-hardback

There are some FAB, MEGA and EPIC perks in the 8 BIT ANNUAL kickstarter that should not be passed up by any retro enthusiast or collector.

A fantastic t-shirt.

An exclusive MSX cartridge from Matra Software of Shoulder Blade: Overdrive.

An awesome compilation tape from Poly Play including the following games – Rescuing Orc (C64), Bear Essentials (C64), Magica (Amstrad CPC), Golden Tail (Amstrad ZCPC), Pentomino (Amstrad CPC), The Dawn of Kernel (Amstrad CPC), Hibernated 1 (ZX Spectrum & Amstrad CPC).

There is also a heap of fantastic posters for games on Amstrad CPC, C64, ZX Spectrum and MSX.

To order your copy head over to Kickstarter.


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