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A Global Company Manufacturing World-Class Control Valves – AFC

Alpine Flow Control Co., Ltd. (AFC), A Global Company manufacturing world class Control Valves and having Factories in Malaysia, PRC as well as Offices Cum Assembly lines in Indonesia, Vietnam, Taiwan.


Alpine Flow Control was originated in the year 2009 when the shareholder company Jupiter Technologies Co. Ltd., Anguilla (a British overseas territory in the Caribbean) sponsored formation with a registered as well as paid up capital of 1.5 Million USD through its legal representative Mr. Liang Nai Lieh. The formed company was wholly owned by foreign corporation. The major focus of the company is in the Water Valves Design and Manufacturing. Proven and supported by on-going quality and reliability test, AFC has built its own in-house reliability test laboratory to ensure that our products not only meet the international quality and reliability test specification, but also comply to various international valves standards and specifications. Our production is mainly for export business (95%), and we follow the international standard EN & AWWA. Our overseas market has expanded to America, Italy, Spain, India, UK, Malaysia, Vietnam, Mexico, Russia, Brazil, Philippine, Indonesia, Korea, UAE etc. We have the prestigious EN 1074-5: 2000, Certificate of Conformity, Type Test for the Hydraulically Operated Control Valves issued by TUV.


The Management staff have over 30 years’ experience in the water valve design and manufacturing, combined with the high-tech electronics manufacturing experience of multi-national listed companies. This unique combination of traditional and high-tech industry management experience and skills have given us an advantage over the traditional valve manufacturer. More than 40% of our staff are technical staff with knowledge and experience in valve and mechanical design/manufacturing.


Our Mission:


Be the market leader in Valve & Flow Control Applications
Technology through Innovation. Continuous upgradation and R&D
Quality product and service through Quality people
Business growth through Cohesive partnership
Best in class Design and Service support through network reps. across glob




Alpine Flow control Co., Ltd. (AFC)

Corporate & Technical Profile





Contact Info

Tel:  +86 512 6673 2428
Fax: +86 512 6673 2928
Mobile: +86 151 9567 4203
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.afc-valves.com


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