After Heart Attack Help Norma Jean Morris GoFundME Campaign

I am trying to raise money to help with medical bills, household expenses and transportation because i suffered a massive heart attack and still need more surgery and medical care to make my heart stronger

I am a 59 year old women who had a sudden massive heart attack where i died and for the grace of god and awesome doctors they brought me back. now i am in need of help to continue to make my heart stronger and to keep me alive. I need to raise money to pay for hospital bills, doctor bills, medication and household bills due to having a massive heart attack and need more surgery due to the fact that my heart is’t getting any better.

In order to get the surgery i have to get enough money to pay for it and to caught up on all my  medical bills. I am on a fixed income from my late husbands pension till i get well enough to work again.

these are just a few of the things i need help with
medical bills so far 5000.00 plus i need a few more surgeries not sure how much of that i will have to pay.
medicine is 300.00 a month so far
housing about 1000.00
about 300.00 a month for transportation
i hate to ask for help but if i don’t ask for the help then i can get the medical care i need to live to a nice old age. Heart disease in women is over looked as so many things till they find it and i am an example they said that i had seizures due to migraines and it turned out to be a bad heart.

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