Alexanderia Shook Fund

My youngest daughter Alex lost her battle with cancer on 8/31. She left behind my two grand kids 7 & 8. After paying most of the bills and cost that go with a tragedy like this , we have found our self’s short on the burial fund. We are asking friends and family to pitch in if they can, a donation of $3, $4, or $5 dollars or more, would be a step forward to meeting this need of $2500.00

She was doing okay until Sat. the 28th when she went to the ER because she couldn’t speak. three days later, she was gone !! There is so much to do and the cost is so big, To come up with the enormous cost in three days is proving to be to much. any donation will help, We are counting on friends and family or anyone who has a shared experience.
I promise every penny will go to the cost we are having trouble covering Thank You in advance.